Channel Islands

Declared a national monument by President Roosevelt in 1938 is the illustrious island of Anacapa.

A scuba diver's dream and a landlubber's treat. Anacapa is a harsh train of three islands composing one five miles long. Scabrous cliffs, artistic rocks, arches and surge channels are an overwhelming world away from the mainland.

Echoes of sea-life pierce the cavern walls where some mammals loiter within.

History plays a considerable role in the existence of this land. For instance, the island's name came about when strange mirages and distortions were said to have been witnessed by the Chumash Indians who originally lived on the islands. Therefore, they named the island "Ennepah", meaning deception or mirage.

Another location which is seen is called "Frenchy's Cove" named after an adventurer who dwelt in a hut on Anacapa until the 1950's. It is the only beach not completely undertaken by the high surf on Anacapa Island.

Included in the excitement of this historical lesson is the trip to the far side of the island. It is here that one can bask in the relaxation of sea lions and seals and take part in the beholding of the island's trademark, Arch Rock, and the grand, stout lighthouse close by.

Anacapa Island is a 90-minute trip worth experiencing with your family and friends. You may even want to go a second round!

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