My Grandfather

A Philadelphian committed suicide and left the following note:

"I married a widow with a grown daughter. My father fell in love with my stepdaughter and married her, thus becoming my son-in-law, and my stepdaughter became my mother because she was my father's wife.

"My wife gave birth to a son, who was, of course, my father's brother-in-law and also my uncle for he was the brother of my stepmother.

"My father's wife became the mother of a son, who was, of course, my brother, and also my grandchild for he was the son of my daughter.

"Accordingly, my wife was my grandmother because she was my father's mother, I was my wife's husband and grandchild at the same time, and, as the husband of a person's grandmother is his grandfather, I am my own grandfather!"

story from "Toastmaster's Handbook"

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