Ojai: A Chumash Indian word, meaning either "the nest" or "valley of the moon." One source even suggests "valley of the nesting moon," which possesses a certain logical, as well as lyrical, appeal. To coastal Indians, it may well have seemed that the moon set--and therefore spent its days--in the Ojai Valley. Whether you prefer the homey connotation of "nest" or the mystical association with the moon, you'll find "the Ojai" more-than-equal to your expectations!

Why would people who could afford to live anywhere in the world choose the Ojai Valley? Spend a leisurely day touring its many scenic beauties, as well as its shops, museums and galleries; stop for a gourmet luncheon, a picnic, or even a fresh-picked orange; enjoy "the pink moment" of the Topa Topa just before sunset. Chances are you, too, will understand why so many have followed the moon to its snug and sunny daytime "nest."