Oxnard's Pagoda

The pagoda bandstand in Oxnard's Plaza Park is at the heart of the city's original design and the spirit of its early residents. Oxnard's streets were laid out from this central point and the pagoda drew its character from the Chinese workmen who built it.

In March 1910, Oxnard's city fathers authorized the expenditure of $1,215. to build the pagoda, which was erected in 40 days--in time for Oxnard's July Fourth celebration.

The pagoda was made into a bandstand in 1911 and over the years it became a beloved landmark.

In 1960, Oxnard's mayor proposed that the pagoda be razed, but sentimental citizens prevented its destruction until it was declared a historical landmark in 1973.

The pagoda stands as a serene reminder of traditional values and gentler, less-hurried times, and the beauty which each of Oxnard's founding peoples brought to their city on the Pacific shore.