Legend of Princess Hueneme

Princess Hueneme, a beautiful Indian girl, lived long ago on one of the Channel Islands. She was surrounded by admiring Indian boys. Choosing one of these boys as her husband, she moved into his dwelling on the mainland at Point Mugu.

For a few months, she was a joyful young bride; and he was a proud young husband. But legend says his head was soon turned by an evil woman, a woman jealous of the goodness and beauty of Princess Hueneme. So great were the woman's evil powers that she bewitched the young husband and took him away with her.

The lonely sorrowing Princess returned to the Channel Islands. But she could not forget the happiness she had shared with her husband; and one afternoon, she swam to the mainland to search for him.

She found him at the festival in San Fernando, dancing with her rival. The evil woman laughed at the Princess, who admittedly was not at her best–having just swam from the Islands and walking many dusty miles in search of her husband. Humiliated, the Princess conceded defeat and turned away.

But her husband, breaking through the evil spell at last, followed his beautiful, young wife; and together they returned to their home at Point Mugu.

Unfortunately, the Princess' very youth brought about a very tragic ending. Robbed of innocent faith in her husband and lacking the acquired wisdom of an older woman, Princess Hueneme was unable to recapture her previous happiness. In final despair, she threw herself into the sea and turned to stone. She became Mugu Rock.

Her distraught young husband followed her into the sea. And, according to legend, the seaweed encircling Mugu Rock is the hair of the grief-stricken husband forever floating around his beloved Princess Hueneme.