Who wouldn't want to be part of something like that? More than one million men and women have accepted an invitation to make a difference in many ways and in many lives--through membership in the Moose.

    We provide hope to children in need at Mooseheart, a 1,000-acre community located in the Fox River Valley 40 miles west of Chicago, Illinois. Our "Child City" residents receive a quality education and vocational training while living in an environment that stresses stability, compassion and understanding.

    We offer a special world of comfort and convenience to senior members and their spouses at Moosehaven, a peaceful retirement community located in Orange Park, Florida. We add life to their years, and years to their lives at our "City of Contentment."

    We place special emphasis on giving back to our communities through a wide range of service programs. Wherever and whatever the need, we are there, giving of our time and effort to make our communities better places in which to live.

    We offer a wide variety of activities in which members participate and share their interest with others, from bowling and pool, to dances and karaoke, to picnics and theme parties--for members and their families.

    Once a member, you will have the chance to enjoy all the rights and privileges enjoyed by Moose members throughout the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Bermuda.

    You and your family will soon be saying, "This is the best decision we ever made."


MOOSE Family Fraternity

"An international organization of men and women dedicated to caring for young and old, bringing communities closer together and celebrating life."